Photos of Air Flow Chamber

Thermocouples were attached to all critical components and monitored throughout the airflow testing.

Photos of System Boards

The empirical data was then correlated with CFD simulation models to provide more accurate prediction of future design variants.

Thermal Chart

Empirical measurements may be required to verify simulation or where simulation isn't appropriate. In this case, a custom airflow measurement system was designed and constructed to support a specific contract.

The system was used to characterise the flow impedance of the client's product and also to confirm the fan performance as they would be typically mounted.

Photos of Rack for Thermal Testing

Charts were created to illustrate the relationship of airflow to component temperature and fan voltage. The operating point of the fans in various test configuration was also determined.

Charts of Airflow Measurements

Predictive thermal analysis is best utilised whilst evaluating concepts, allowing quick comparison without the cost of building prototypes. CFD models can be correlated with empirical data as soon as available to increase confidence.