Failure Mode and Effect Analysis can be used early in the design process to evaluate the potential operational limits of your design, or to understand why failures occur during prototyping.

Ishikawa diagram1

Ishikawa diagrams were developed via brainstorming to identify potential failure modes.

Failure Analysis Chart

Tolerance analysis used as one element in predicting the reliability of a 1933 pad LGA connector assembly.

Socket Failure Analysis Diagram

In this example, six-sigma methodology and tools were used to perform root cause analysis of failures due to connector misalignment. The resulting design enhancements resolved a critical issue on a blue chip company's flagship products.

Ishikawa Diagram

FMEA was used to identify potential failure modes and combined with empirical testing to characterise failures of the connector system. This chart shows the deflection of various designs of alignment pin under load.

Pin Deflection Chart

To help meet your product design requirements as efficiently as possible we can review, analyse and highlight potential design weaknesses before you commit time, effort and money.