Synovation can generate, develop and evaluate product concepts utilising a range of modelling, simulation and six-sigma tools. From simple illustration and space models to complex functional models and full prototypes, we can help visualise and communicate your company's concepts.

Blue Amp Concept Visualisations

Concept visualisations were used to design a range of guitar amplifiers allowing us to evalute innovative chassis layouts and optimise the cabinet dimensions and ergonomcs.

Blue Amps Tone Analysis & Visualisation

The conceptual process can include the optimisation of design elements to ensure that they can meet requirements, such as these simulated frequency response plots used to prove that the novel tone circuits would provide optimal control.

Anti-gravity Device Visualisations

Brainstorming, value analysis, prototyping and accelerated life-testing are all useful tools to evaluate new concepts. When a device was needed to allow safe and user-friendly insertion of a heavy module into a system, all of these techniques were exploited to provide a solution that met all of the critical requirements.

Conceptual design can also include the scientific evaluation and analysis of key design features, necessary to ensure effective investment in further product development.

Blue Amp Concept Diagram

Visualisation tools are essential for designing ergonomic, intuitive and stylish user interfaces such as the amplifier control panel.

Rackslide Concept Diagrams

3D models of an innovative, universal rack-slide system, engineered to support a 12U computer server in a variety of rack formats and a seismic environment.

Heat Exchanger

Visualisations created direct from 3D solid models allow analysis of manufacturability, such as this model of a novel heat exchanger. The concept was further evaluated using CFD thermal simulation prior to spending money on prototyping